We are VERJ

At VERJ we leverage data, human insights, and behavioural science to identify what motivates your audience, solve challenges, and drive results.

Often traditional thinking doesn’t cut it. Our clients want to get unblocked and go faster. Whether it’s a new approach to industry-wide issues, solving specific challenges, or reshaping and optimising your digital presence, VERJ will give you an advantage and help you move forward faster.

VERJ is part of LAB, an agency group living in the digital world and obsessed with behavioural science.

We are a team of over 100 people and based in Soho, London, and work with scale-ups, enterprise and public sector clients.

Our people

We're a team of creative problem solvers. Consultants, human scientists, designers and rebels for good causes.


Daryll Scott

  • Specialist Subjects: Consulting, Creative Strategy, Psychometrics, NLP, Hypnosis
  • Personality (MBTI): ENFP - Extroverted, Systemic, Empathetic, Curious
  • Motivation (MLD): Monkey/Lion/Dog - Creativity, Practicality and Team Dynamic
  • Speech Title: “You Are Unique - Just Like Everyone Else”
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Art Director

Rebecca Kidston

  • Specialist Subjects: Emotional Design, Interactive Media
  • Personality (MBTI): ENFP - Extroverted, Abstract, Empathetic, Curious
  • Motivation (MLD): Monkey/Dog - Purpose, Creativity, Authenticity and Connection
  • Speech Title: "The Unconscious Language of Design”
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Behavioural Science Consultant

Beatrice Andrew

  • Specialist Subjects: Behavioural Economics, Consumer Neuroscience, Digital Marketing
  • Personality (MBTI): ENFP - Energetic, Abstract, Emotive, Curious
  • Motivation (MLD): Monkey - Creativity, Purpose & Fun
  • Speech Title: "FRICTION" - The surprising effects of cognitive strain in design & communication
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Digital Consultant

Tom Francis

  • Specialist Subjects: Operational Process, E-Commerce
  • Personality (MBTI): ISTP - Observant, Detailed, Thoughtful, Curious
  • Motivation (MLD): Lion - Clear Objectives, Value to Customer and Results
  • Speech Title: "From Legacy to Digital" - Finding the Value in Digital Transformations
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Insight & Innovation Lead

Max Wiggins

  • Specialist Subjects: Cognitive Neuroscience, Memory, Psychology
  • Personality (MBTI): ENTP- Extroverted, Systemic, Rational, Curious
  • Motivation (MLD): Lion/Dog - Innovation, Fascination, Results and Honesty
  • Speech Title: "How do you know?" - Approaching digital problems with cognitive ideas
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Head of UX

Sabrina Duda

  • Specialist Subjects: User Experience, User Research, UX Strategy, User-Centred Product Development
  • Personality (MBTI): ESFJ: Extraverted, observant, feeling, realistic, assertive.
  • Motivation (MLD): Monkey: Contextual thinker, with emotion.
  • Speech Title: "It depends" - the typical researcher answer
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Digital Designer

Mikey Stillwell

  • Specialist Subjects: Digital Design & UI
  • Personality (MBTI): ENFP - Extroverted, Big Picture, Emotive, Curious
  • Motivation (MLD): Monkey - Experimentation & Innovation
  • Speech Title: "The Colour-Blind Designer" - Designing for Accessibility & Visual Pop-Out
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Content Creative

Natasha Kingdon

  • Specialist Subjects: Biological Psychology, Political & Social Systems
  • Personality (MBTI): ENFJ - Extroverted, Intuitive, Empathetic, Decisive & Clear
  • Motivation (MLD): Monkey/Lion/Dog - Current, Professional, Human
  • Speech Title: "Appealing to a mass of Individuals"
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