A completely unmissable Display Campaign

A completely unmissable Display Campaign

We were delighted to be asked to develop an entirely new EMEA campaign for CA Technologies.

Prior to the recent Broadcom acquisition, CA was ranked as one of the largest independent software corporations in the world, focused on agile software development, DevOps and computer security software. You know how Netflix is always changing but never pauses for an update? Products from CA Technologies automated that agile, live, complex development.

The challenge

We were tasked with reaching a senior technical audience through social channels and measured on generating qualified leads.

That would usually be a tricky brief so we knew that a traditional and easily ignored B2B message would not achieve it.

We needed to create something visually disruptive to stop the scroll, resonate with the audience enough to capture engaged attention and have a clear enough value statement to drive immediate action.

The creative solution

We conducted research and interviews to uncover the motives of a chief technology officer (CTO) and in doing so uncovered a firmly held belief for most of the audience. They believed that for something to be robust it can’t be agile, and if something is agile it can’t be robust.

We created the concept ‘Robustly Agile’ which is a disruptive oxymoron for many CTO’s.

From this hook we developed creative assets to bring it to life through metaphor – merging robust and agile animals.

They became known as Elebird and Squirino.

Enhancing assets with neuromarketing

Once the concept was approved we were able to apply our neuromarketing principles to make it even more eye-catching and positively engaging:

  • Increased the foreground/background contrast for fixation of attention.
  • Increased the saturation for positive emotional response.
  • Animated the animals to grab unconscious attention with movement.

The results

Despite targeting high-level decision makers, we exceeded LinkedIn benchmarks for the sector by more than double!

60 %

increase in CTR – LinkedIn

488 %

increase in CTR – Facebook


Click throughs in 1 day

-29 %

Cost of acquisition

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