A new superhero for better nutrition and social inclusion on the playground

A new superhero for better nutrition and social inclusion on the playground

Danone is a key player in the health food revolution globally. Any brand with a vision to create positive social and behavioural change is exciting to the team at VERJ.

Danone Executive Vice President Francisco Camacho says, “We want to offer wider-ranging food and drink choices that become a natural part of consumers’ healthy eating habits throughout the day, adapted to today’s needs and lifestyles.”

The challenge

A recent piece of research revealed children with allergies are not only likely to lose out on priceless memories, but are also more vulnerable to being bullied at school.

Danone wanted to craft a brand to ensure allergy impacted children no longer had to sit on the sidelines during parties or food-sharing moments.

The challenge was shifting perceptions, informing society and driving inclusivity. Together with Danone we strived to support parents, empower kids with allergies through fun and support for families.

The solution

From an initial creative brainstorm, we worked closely with Danone to sketch, design and deliver their vision.

Our aim of changing behaviour, to create something inclusive, build a community and to remove the allergy stigma was incorporated throughout the project. With Danone’s clear ambition, we tasked our creative, consumer behavioural science and development teams to conjure up a deliverable that delivered, and that would ultimately transform the lives of allergy impacted children via video, a microsite and physical assets.

The Psychological Power of Positive Language

Central to our creative rationale was the desire to move the language toward positive and away from fear-driven motivators.

Rather than describe the products as what they were not, we wanted to describe them as what they were.

From ‘ no allergens’ to ‘allergy-friendly’ and from from gluten free to ‘great nutrition’.

The results

The product line has already been adopted Ocado and several other retailers. The collaboration between client and the LAB Group agencies involved was transparent, agile, and fast.

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