Raising the bar and evolving online learning

Raising the bar and evolving online learning

The last time we refreshed the Hemsley Fraser site we won awards for it – so with a brand refresh to implement an evolved service offering to communicate expectations for this project were high.

The challenge

Hemsley Fraser have have been in the learning space for nearly 30 years and for the past decade have been consistently ranked as one of the Top 20 companies in the world for leadership development, digital content, and training outsourcing.

Their wealth of experience transforming the entire workplace experience through learning means that they are now able to build solutions that address bigger business challenges. It was our job to help them position and communicate that shift.

The solution

At the heart of the project was a clear understanding of the difference between someone looking to address a specific training need and someone needing to solve a business challenge or create a cultural change by addressing the mindset and capabilities of their people.

Understanding the difference in these people’s needs and motivations allowed us to develop a user experience, content style and tone of voice that engages and takes them straight to what they need.

Essential Collaboration

The Hemsley Fraser team know their customer, know their offering and know their brand.

Any change in design and communication strategy needed to be understood to enable the HF team to take the design and run with it in a range of applications.

The project was a successful example of high-touch collaboration with constant input from both HF and VERJ teams.

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