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Revealing new opportunities for recyclable plastic packaging with data-driven research

Producer of ‘environmentally friendly’ printed plastic/acetate packaging, HLP Klearfold, commissioned VERJ to find out what people thought of plastic packaging and recycling.

Rather than ask a handful of people questions and receive socially desirable answers, VERJ used Comparative Linguistic Analysis (CLA). CLA unpicks the language, phraseology, topics and sentiment of millions of words of public commentary on plastic packaging and recycling. This data-driven approach led to some surprising insights that enabled HLP Klearfold to learn about the sustainability mindset of the future.

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  • Research
  • Comparative Linguistic Analysis

The challenge

To move more brands and consumers toward sustainable progress, HLP Klearfold needed quick insights on how people perceive plastic packaging. They wanted to discover the real fears and desires around this important sustainability issue from not just a few, but thousands of people.

“VERJ provided us with great data-driven insights into our customers’ mindsets and attitudes which has given HLP Klearfold an excellent springboard for change.”

Lianne Pemberton
Business Development Director at HLP Klearfold

The solution

VERJ used Comparative Linguistic Analysis to explore how social commentary on plastic packaging and recycling has shifted over time and enabled us to spot key emerging themes of interest.

Compared to 2019, in 2020 people were 7.9x more likely to seek ‘advice’ and around what plastic packaging can be recycled. Our insights indicated that many people didn’t know where and how to recycle plastic – a key point that HLP Klearfold considers vital to address. As well as this, terms such as ‘reusing’, ‘sourced’ and ‘government’ were more significant in recent social conversations on the topic.

These, and many more, insights have enhanced HLP Klearfold’s understanding of consumers and brands. Having in-depth knowledge of consumer desires and expectations in the plastic packaging industry can play a part in helping HLP Klearfold educate and address the greater concerns of their consumers.

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