A new customer experience for a growing international audience

A new customer experience for a growing international audience

Like most brilliant entrepreneurial ideas, TopDeck was born when a bunch of friends created something for their own benefit and realised it could be a great business.

In 1973 Skroo Turner and his mates bought a double-decker bus in London, rallied a group of like-minded travellers and drove across Europe to Morocco. The result? A trip of a lifetime!

Today, TopDeck is  is a tour provider based on Australia providing off-the-beaten-track group-travel adventures all over the world.

The challenge

After a brand refresh, we were asked to redesign their user experience and equip them to open up UK and USA markets.

TopDeck provided the perfect brief for VERJ:  They were looking for a Strategic UX agency who could deep dive into truly understanding their audience and conduct insightful user research and testing.

The solution

The discovery phase of this project included an assessment of the current website experience. We made sense of Google Analytics data (like drop-off and decreased dwell time)  using biometric testing across 40 candidates. This identified what needed to be fixed and how to fix it.

We then took quantitative insights across each audience segment and added psychological drivers to develop precise audience personas.

This formed a bulletproof brief for us to work some creative UX magic.

The Cultural Factor

Interestingly, the biggest difference between audiences was their attitude to group travel. The Australians being more open than the Americans, who are more open than the Brits.

We employed our knowledge of behavioural economics to suggest how to ‘nudge’ different audiences and shift their perceptions of the group travel experience, most of which will be implemented in the next phase of development.

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