Product, marketing and strategic decisions start with an understanding of innate consumer behaviour. We reveal your audience’s motivations, pain-points and unmet needs using data analysis, behavioural science, natural language processing and machine learning.

Data-driven Personas and Customer Segmentation

Identify the true personas in your audience based on data, not intuition. We model consumer behaviour and discover key audience segments within your industry.

  • Psychographic and behavioural surveys run at scale 
  • Quantitative modelling and machine learning clustering to derive statistical consumer groups 
  • Natural language processing (NLP) on open-ended responses to identify recurrent topics and themes
  • Product, marketing and strategy recommendations tailored to your user personas

Trend Tracking

Expose and track trends in your industry 

  • Leverage dynamic language and social data to capitalise on current and emerging trends 
  • Identify key-players, influencers and trend drivers across channels

Audience, Topic, Industry and Brand Analysis

Identify topics, trends and themes hidden in vast amounts of social, news and organic language data 

  • Understand what your customers are really saying about a specific topic, industry or brand 
  • Quantify sentiment towards products, brands and topics and measure shifts in tonality over time 
  • Access hundreds of thousands of organic conversations from social media, forums and reviews 
  • Tailor messaging and communications by mimicking or disrupting underlying narratives in your industry

Understand what Cultural Symbols to Communicate

Give structure and insight to qualitative, cultural and symbolic data. 

  • Semiotic analysis to ensure that the cues and symbols which surround your industry and brand are aligned with the expectations of your audience
  • Decode and clarify iconography and images in relation to your brand