Our Story We are VERJ

At VERJ we leverage data, human insights, and behavioural science to identify what motivates your audience, solve challenges, and drive results.

Often traditional thinking doesn’t cut it. Our clients want to get unblocked and go faster. Whether it’s a new approach to industry-wide issues, solving specific challenges, or reshaping and optimising your digital presence, VERJ will give you an advantage and help you move forward faster.

VERJ is part of LAB, an agency group living in the digital world and obsessed with behavioural science.

We are a team of over 100 people and based in Soho, London, and work with scale-ups, enterprise and public sector clients.


We’re a fiercely-passionate group of psychologists and designers.

Sabrina Duda | Head of UX

Sabrina researches user needs, validates assumptions about your audience, and improves the user experience through user-centred design methods. She has over 20 years of experience in the field and is passionate about design and user-centred product development.

Sabrina earned her MSc in Psychology at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, where she specialised in Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics. She also completed training couses at General Assembly to complement her skills. Sabrina co-founded one of the first usability agencies in Germany (eye square GmbH), and served for over 12 years as a managing director and partner, leading projects for numerous blue-chip clients in Europe and the US.

She is a member of UXPA International & UXPA UK and active in the worldwide UX community and frequently writes and speaks about UX. When not leading the way in the transformation of UX, you can just about glimpse Sabrina on a motorbike next to the sea!

Max Wiggins | Insight & Innovation Lead

Max uses his knowledge of human behaviour to solve commercial problems in digital environments. He has conducted audience insight research for global brands and worked on projects developing intellectual property solutions, backed by the Government.

He holds a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain Imaging, where he specialised in multi-sensory memory formation. He also has a first-class honours in Psychology, and is a member of the British Association of Cognitive Neuroscientists.

He makes others question their existence daily by asking daily the ‘I wonder if…’ question. When not thinking about philosophy, psychology or one of the other ‘ology’s’, Max tries to run faster and not get overly competitive on the tennis court.

Rebecca Kidston | Art Director

Rebecca is experienced in all aspects of the creative process, from conceptualisation to visual delivery. She is passionate about big ideas and the creative processes needed to bring them to life and delivers delight to clients on a daily basis.

Rebecca is a director that leads with emotion at the core and her projects focus on empathy with the user. Her goal is to deliver artwork with purpose and to deliver design that has impact.

She believes in pulling together creative skillsets and brilliant minds to deliver projects that improve the lives of people. She drives big thinking and scalable projects that aim to harness creativity for the wider good.

Mikey Stillwell | Digital Designer

Mikey designs with the human at the end of the experience first in mind, which results in the symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality. After all, he believes design is simply the intersection.

As a technical digital designer, with a BSc in Computing, he has spent his career crafting experiences for digital platforms and generating quirky, innovative solutions to solve user problems. He has experience working in house for market leading companies as well as delivering varied projects at agencies.

With knowledge of front-end practices, Mikey helps to bridge the gap between design and development with a permanent user focus. When Mikey isn’t Bear Gryllsing it up in the outdoors, you’ll find him participating in any sporting activity he can find.

Natasha Kingdon | Insight & Innovation Executive

Nat harnesses her eye for detail to pull out relevant insights to drive innovation. A cross-discipline first-class honours in Politics with Biological Psychology has served her well looking at the cause and correlation of cognitive behaviours with policy change and linguistic power.

Her passion for politics and society enables her to see the big picture and drove her to unpick the psychology of voter behaviour and the institutional behaviours that combine to create our complex, multi-faceted world.

Nat is also an experienced copywriter, tuning every text to the audiences’ needs. With her knowledge of research methods and psychology she utilises evidence-based insight to drive commercial progress and relevant policy. Her water-obsessed dog ensures her screen time after work however is kept to a minimum.

Beatrice Andrews | Behavioural Science Consultant

Beatrice is specialised in neuroscience, behavioural economics, and digital marketing. She has a Neuroscience degree from King’s College London where she specialised in the biomechanics of Alzheimer’s Disease and Astrocyte function of Major Depressive Disorder.

Beatrice began her creative career in branding and design. She was previously a Digital Planner for Google and now runs the Neuromarketing department at Lab.

She enjoys applying her love of science and psychology with a passion for digital innovation. You might catch Beatrice not just in the lab, but on the stage as she takes to the theatre for her creative outlet.