There’s always more than ‘Meats the Eye’

The veggie and meat-free space is growing at an exponential rate, expected to be over the £1billion valuation by 2024. The industry is adopting the new trends and demands at an alarming rate and the vast dichotomy in perception between veganism and vegetarianism is hard to ignore amongst consumers.

Yet, despite the growth rate, research exploring consumer psychology in this space has been minimal. It’s never been a more important time to know consumers in this green-eating market. Failing to be relevant is a small step away from a reputational crisis.

VERJ, the behavioural science unit of LAB Group, have investigated this niche, to explore how companies can navigate the green sphere and communicate authentically. We analysed millions of words from social media conversations on sustainable eating to help inform any forward-thinking marketing strategies with data-driven insight. The findings were both surprising and informative.

We also spoke with FMCG leaders such as Deliveroo, COOK and Whole Earth who provided their insider knowledge on how companies can build relationships with their customers in this rapidly evolving market conversation with insight into their companies’ journeys and relationships with the meat-free sphere.

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