It has never been so important to know what people are thinking

How has the pandemic changed how you view the world? If you’re anything like the rest of us, life has somewhat thrown us all a curveball in 2020, changing how we look at things and what we prioritise. The unpredictable and challenging time we live in has certainly shifted how all of us view the world.

Here at Verj, we deliver specialist insights into how audiences are changing their behaviours online and shifting their priorities. Using our unique methodology, we can find out what customers are really thinking, even when analysing remotely.

So how do we do it?

Understand your audience

Unconscious Perception

To find out the real opinions driving customer decisions, we move away from conscious questioning and towards unconscious responses. This is important as most of the time, your audience wouldn’t be able to pinpoint their true emotions and would post-rationalise after the event. We can measure unconscious responses through Implicit Response Testing (IRT) which is a process that measures the speed and accuracy of binary decisions that have to  be made really quickly. By doing this, we’re able to understand how strongly or weakly customers implicitly feel towards something (i.e. brand, product, packaging, etc).

Comparative Linguistic Analysis 

Comparative Linguistic Analysis, whilst a bit of a mouthful, is a tool which opens the door to data-driven insights that cannot be arrived at through other means. It is essentially deep language comparison that reveals the ways different audiences are talking about a topic of your interest. For example, we use audience listening tools to compare what audiences are saying about a topic or brand online. With these insights, your communication is far more authentic and has a much higher level of relevance, as well as exposing new areas to inform future strategy (e.g. reveal new areas for market penetration).

Behavioural Analysis

Behavioural Insights Site Audits 

Consumer insights are an excellent way of understanding the audience, and Verj uses psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics (e.g. nudge theory) to make such valuable insights. Having highly-skilled expertise in both consumer science and industry, we are able to tackle a wide range of problems that you might need help with. Through reviewing the psychological experience and architecture we provide simple, easy-to-implement behavioural recommendations that enhance your site performance.

All our methods aim to understand what people are really thinking. Interested in hearing more? Get in touch with to explore what we can achieve together.