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VERJ is a digital insights company delivering research based on data, science and linguistic theory, to enhance strategy and solve commercial and societal challenges for global clients. We use research and insights, not hunches, to solve the big questions about audiences, brands and industries.


Revolutionising the way food banks operate

The hunger crisis in the UK shouldn’t be a thing in 2021. But it is.
We couldn’t look away. So instead we built a tool to help.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for food banks to send requests through socials, logistics services or other local food banks. In short to build a single source of resources, data and solutions.

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Innovating new ways to protect online users

Today, over 10 million people of the UK public are classed as vulnerable due to age, disability, mental capacity, sickness or other personal circumstances. Many of these individuals are also struggling financially.

The predicament facing the digital financial services market was that these vulnerable individuals were falling through the cracks. Methods to detect vulnerability are exclusively face-to-face or phone-based. No online vulnerability assessment currently exists. Significant consequences to vulnerable individuals has left the digital financial services industry facing the music, with ongoing consultations, fines and regulatory action from the FCA.

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Innovating research to protect today’s digital gamblers

Over the last decade, more and more people have been pushed towards online gambling while protections offered to vulnerable customers within those digital environments remain poor. Despite the jaw-dropping growth in digital gambling vulnerability remains hard to detect online without references to ‘big data’ sources.

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